A voyage to inner space

Irish Times Review, by Aidan Dunne, March 2002

Works on paper, Ashford Gallery, RHA, Dublin, until March 28th.

There is a distinctly Eastern feel to many of the pieces in Works on Paper, featuring three artists at the Ashford Gallery. The practical and philosophical influences are there in the form of a strong emphasis on gesture throughout, in Jane Proctor’s use of black ink and gold leaf and in Gerard cox’s fine ink drawings. These circular drawings build their unified motifs from a plethora of individual, rhythmic marks, in a way reminiscent of mural mosaic compositions. Their overall calmness emerges from the flux of detail. The stronger of Proctor’s diverse pieces are her two Black Drawings which take a simple idea and develop it beautifully. Joanna Kidney also branches out in several different directions, most successfully in a series of relatively conventional landscape studies which have great spontaneity and a nice touch.

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